Sales & Acquisitions

Aviation Sales Associates uses a proven process for all Aircraft Acquisitions. Our expert knowledge of the aviation industry and years of experience enable us to find the perfect aircraft for you at the best possible price.

The Aviation Sales Associates Acquisitions Process is comprehensive service provided to every client:


Aviation Sales Associates will work with you to establish the terms and conditions of your acquisition.

Aircraft Assessment and Cost Analysis

Aviation Sales Associates will help you determine and establish what aircraft you need, including aircraft type, model, year, total time and equipment while keeping you within your operating budget.


By using third-party data we are able to determine the number of aircraft available and evaluate current selling prices.

Analyze and Appraise

Aviation Sales Associates will conduct a quantitative analysis by appraising each aircraft and its value. We will compare the values and create an in-depth analysis of each aircraft meeting the client’s needs.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

We represent each client during a pre-purchase evaluation. We dispatch a team to inspect the airframe, engines, systems, overall condition and avionics at the service provider of your choice. The evaluation will include a detailed itemization of equipment, logbook research, maintenance history, inspection status, and maintenance projections.

Negotiate & Closing

Aviation Sales Associates will negotiate on the client’s behalf for the best possible price and terms. We work closely with the title company, buyer and seller to ensure all documents required for closing are completed on schedule.

Register with the International Registry

Aviation Sales Associates closes every transaction and completes the registration process with the International Registry.


We will prepare all documents necessary and provide assistance with relocating the aircraft for delivery. We also use third-party specialists for sales-and-use tax reductions.